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Casa Bicicletta 'Lite' tours

Our Casa Bicicletta 'Tour-Pur' is intended for everyone who wants to do without the 'all-round worry-free package'


'Tour-Pur' guests can book any excursion daily and benefit from our discounted snack packages at our snack stations. You can book any type of tour (lakes, mountains, etc.) as desired and we will guide you through your desired tour. The daily trips range from 50km to 200km and vary in altitude depending on your wishes.

 The average speed of the daily tours is between 20km/h and 24km/h, depending on the route profile. If you like something faster, just book our 'Personal Training'

 (*) Services and benefits such as fitness & sauna in the Fuschlseebad, laundry service, welcome, closing and culinary evening from our 'all-round carefree package' are no longer included.

Greatest price transparency (**):

True to the motto 'What it weighs, that's what it has', we offer the following price scale for our Tour-Pur program:


  •     Daily rate for tours up to 50km > € 80.-
  •     Daily rate for tours between 50km - 80km > € 120.-
  •     Daily rate for tours between 80km - 100km > € 150.-
  •     Daily rate for tours over 100km > € 200.-



Prices apply per guide

 The respective day tours are arranged individually (distances between 50km - 100km). The average speed is - depending on the difficulty - between 20km/h and 24km/h

 We reserve the right to change and/or cancel a day tour due to weather conditions. There are no costs for cancellations; for tour changes, the respective price scale applies

If our tour bus is to be used for shuttle services (e.g. trips to special tour destinations, pick-up service, etc.), the charge is €50 for trips of up to 50km (round trip) and €100 for trips of up to 100km (round trip). .- and for journeys over 100km (round trip) € 200.-. Shuttle services cannot be guaranteed and are provided purely by arrangement and availability.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Casa Bicicletta Team for any questions.

Casa Bicicletta
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5330 Fuschl am See, Austria

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